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ReliaQual Associates’ training philosophy

At ReliaQual Associates, we’re not just consultants, we’re also teachers.

Here’s how we will help you master RAMS and become as excited about RAMS as we are:

  • We believe training is an important investment for any company. As such, we encourage participants to leave their laptops at their desks and to turn off their phones so the focus is on learning.

  • Our courses focus on real problems, problems that we’ve encountered in our careers as RAMS engineers and in our time spent helping people as consultants or on our forums. When taking our courses, our goal is for you to never wonder why you’ve learned something.

  • It’s hard to concentrate fully on one topic for more than 15 minutes, so we break things up, and use different parts of your brain. We interweave lecture, hands-on activities and small group activities, and take breaks to help you digest and discuss the new knowledge.

  • We think RAMS engineers should be problem solvers, not box checkers. We’ll teach you the RAMS methodologies that you need, but our focus is on how to solve real world problems. We want to equip you with the ideas that lead to good decisions and effective strategies.

  • We teach theory to show you the common structure that underlies problems that seem different at first glance. We teach the concrete and specific so you learn tools that are useful in the short-term. We discuss some theory so that you learn tools that can help you solve more general problems in the longer term.

  • We believe the most important outcome from our teaching is that you leave motivated and empowered. Learning RAMS is like learning a new language: it takes a while before you can speak fluently with all of the important vocabulary at the tip of your tongue. But we give you tools that have immediate payoff, and keep you motivated to learn the more incomprehensible bits. You’ll be excited to apply what you’ve learned, and the ideas we share will help you make sense of the rest. We want you to be passionate about RAMS because it makes your products better.