Survival Data Analysis, Weibull Analysis, Failure Analysis Consulting


Survival Data Analysis

Survival data analysis, also referred to as life data analysis or Weibull analysis, typically is concerned with determining a life distribution that describes the times-to-failure of an item. Survival data analysis is conducted with or without the aid of statistical distributions.

Survival data is generated in-house from reliability (and possibly other) tests and in the field. In-house data is a good immediate source of reliability information although expensive to obtain and limited in quantity. Field data is not usually as controlled as in-house data and is often not focused on collecting reliability information.

Survival Data Analysis Features

  • Can provide non-parametric results.
  • Can provide parametric results.
  • Accounts for failed and non-failed units.

Survival Data Analysis Uses

  • Support equipment overhaul decisions.
  • Determine failure probability of parts, assemblies, or systems.
  • Define new maintenance policies or intervals.
  • Risk mitigation.
  • System performance trending.