Single Point Vulnerability, SPV Consulting


Single Point Vulnerability (SPV)

Single Point Vulnerability (SPV) is a process used to identify individual parts whose failure alone will result in some undesired event. For each of these parts, current failure management techniques are reviewed. Recommendations are then made to reduce the probability or consequence of failure.

ReliaQual Associates, LLC has developed a methodology for identifying SPV and recommended actions. Our methodology is comprehensive and well-documented, providing technical basis for selecting an SPV. Further, the methodology provides technical and economic bases for recommended actions. Our methodology is not a simple review of engineering drawings.

Single Point Vulnerability Features

  • Documented results.
  • Provides technical basis for SPV.
  • Provides technical basis for recommended actions.
  • Provides economic basis for recommended actions.
  • Risk-ranked recommended actions.

Single Point Vulnerability Uses

  • Identify critical components.
  • Provide technical basis for maintenance policy.
  • Provide technical basis for system re-design.
  • Troubleshooting.